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Help needed (I):

  In 2000 I visited Cha de Igreja, Santo Antao. The small shop at the left side (when you enter C.d.I. from Ribeira Grande) played a song (maybe a tape, radio,...), which I like very much. Unfortunately nobody knew this song. A young man (maybe 23) said, the song was quite old, whatever this means. I don't even know, whether it is a Cape Verdean group. This is all I know: It is a group, the singer is male and here you can listen to the

refrain of an unknown song (MIDI, less than 1k).

The notes and the rhythm don't need to be exact. The rest of the song is quite slow. I only understood the word "musica" which is the last word of the refrain, and if I had to guess, I would say, the song is about the hard life (slow parts), but it is manageable with the help of music (happy refrain). If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to write: achim.lewandowski@alewand.de. If you think you know a record for me, observing my preferences, you can send me your suggestions.
UPDATED NEWS (2003/05/28)! I have been recently told that this song could be "Herança di nha raça" and exists in a version made by "X-treme" on a CD "Hino d'Amor". Unfortunately it is not the song I was looking for, although a nice song. The hunt goes on!

Help needed (II):

2nd problem solved with the help from Luc M., Bruxelles.

Help needed (III):

3rd problem solved with the help from Ronald L., Rotterdam.
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